Body restoration – By the 2nd owner

Body restoration of an Lamborghini Espada S1 side sills

Mr. Dupont sold the car to Mr. Bournet who is also a resident of Switzerland. I am not aware of exactly when they traded the car but at some time in the 90’s Mr. Bournet decided it was time for a body restoration, and it was needed. Especially around the front wheel arches, the inner sills and at the bottom of the doors, new fresh metal was needed. The rest of the car was neat without visible rust.

The body restoration was carried out by Garage A. Baumgartner and below you can find a selection of photos from the bodywork restoration.

Rust in wheel arches are cut away.
More rust to be removed.
Left front wheel arch after rust repair, beautifully crafted now with nice fresh metal.
Left and right inner sills were both repaired and painted...
…and both sill panels replaced.
Time for primer… Note the Bertone body number “69” stamped in the door.
I just love this foto angle…
Nice detail, the aluminium hood meets the steel front panel.
Now rustfree and ready for paint.
Also the rear angle is unique…

Mr. Bournet choose to repaint the car in red (Lamborghini Rosso Siviglia) which was a beautiful match to the tan interior.

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