Vehicle inspection


It has already been 8 years since the last statutory inspection and the Espada must therefore be tested for road-worthiness again. Times flies! Here in Denmark, Classic cars older than 35 years only needs to

Photo shoot at dawn


Early up at 3.15 Last Friday, the alarm clock rang as early as 3.15 in the morning when it was time for a photo session of the Espada. ‘The golden hour’ just before sunrise (or

An old, rusty and worn Lamborghini Espada rear muffler from Ansa Marmitte cut open

Repair of the exhaust system


The next project on the list was an repair of the original exhaust system which was a bit leaky and did not really contribute to much sound dampening. Actually, the car sounded like an old-school

Closeup of a cut Trident Marine fuel hose where one can see the multiple layers

Replacing the fuel line


A closeup of the new multi layered low permeation fuel line from Trident Marine which is a good choice for “in-cabin” fuel hoses. After driving the car the 1300 km from Switzerland to Denmark it

Body restoration of an Lamborghini Espada S1 side sills

Body restoration – By the 2nd owner


Mr. Dupont sold the car to Mr. Bournet who is also a resident of Switzerland. I am not aware of exactly when they traded the car but at some time in the 90’s Mr. Bournet

Weber 40DCOE carburator for the Lamborghini Espada

Upgrade with new parts at the Lamborghini factory


According to the second owner the car was at the Lamborghini factory for a major service and an upgrade of “all inner engine and gearbox parts + suspensions + brakes + power steering “. I

A 1968 Lamborghini Espada series 1 on the assembly line at the factory

The birth of Espada #7198


The Espada #7198 rolled of the production line in early 1969 at the Lamborghini factory located in Sant’ Agatha. This car is one out of only 186 series 1 cars ever produced and is by